Nursery School Materials

It is necessary to prepare an educational environment that fits the child’s individual skills, interests and pace of learning.

The trainees can achieve success with the rich educational environment and materials that invite the child to the activity.

Enriched Education Model is based on the education curriculum and age groups, with the help of Mind Games, helps in our children’s mental development, visual perception, thinking skills, productivity and contributes majorly to the success in their lessons.

We are your solution partners to produce these materials used in kindergartens and lower primary.

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I was blown away by the excellent international services, the classes, the smart board, the teachers, students, general organization of the school setting and cleanness. I genuinely enjoyed every single day at Elite. The Elite staff made the experience a joy.
The environment made me learn how to manage time, express my self coordinate, network and interact freely with students. I learnt the importance of the Hyper Text Markup Language when organizing and designing a web site since it’s the only language that can be understood by the browser.
I really enjoyed my time here. It was an awesome combination of education and fan. I can’t wait for my next expedition at Elite.

Pamela Namuddu
Web Designing Student , Elite International Education Center