School Desks


The School Desks are made of Werzalit, a product manufactured by turning chipped woods into wood dust and mixing them with glue and chemical substances, shaping them in high pressure and temperature and covering their surface with decor paper. 

It is resistant to temperatures between -78 and +92 C.

It is appropriate for tropical climates and not affected by Flemish fire until 180 C for short periods. 

This school desks is not affected by cola drinks,juice, tea, milk, acetic acid and chemical substances (excluding some strong acids) and can be easily cleaned.

werzalit MATERIAAL


The school desks come as double and single seater.

The Chairs are also made of Werzalit and the legs are made of oval profile and painted with electrostatic paint. Plastic boots are used for the bottom of legs.

double school desk
Single school desk
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I was blown away by the excellent international services, the classes, the smart board, the teachers, students, general organization of the school setting and cleanness. I genuinely enjoyed every single day at Elite. The Elite staff made the experience a joy.
The environment made me learn how to manage time, express my self coordinate, network and interact freely with students. I learnt the importance of the Hyper Text Markup Language when organizing and designing a web site since it’s the only language that can be understood by the browser.
I really enjoyed my time here. It was an awesome combination of education and fan. I can’t wait for my next expedition at Elite.

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